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The Maseke Game Reserve is home to the big five and some of the world’s largest mammals. There is abundant birdlife surrounding the camp, and plenty of elephant herds.


Following in the footsteps of the herbivorous mammals are the carnivorous species of the South African bush. Lion, leopard, hyena, cheetah, African wild dog, and the Nile crocodile are some of the prominent predators residing in the Kruger. Smaller predators include jackal, mongoose, civet, and genet, honey badger, among others. 


Some of the world’s largest mammals find their home in South Africa, where elephant, giraffe, hippo, buffalo, and rhino reside in the wild Kruger Park and surrounding private game reserves. Game drives lead to unforgettable sightings of these large species, in addition to general game, such as zebra, impala, kudu, gnu, waterbuck, bushbuck, duiker and steenbok. Nyla buck and elephant herds are frequent visitors to the camp itself.


The Kruger habitat accommodates a complete smorgasbord of birder’s delights. Water birds such as herons, storks, plovers, spoonbills, and sandpipers are common along dam edges; kingfishers, orioles, robins, chats, larks, cisticolas, and coucals are some of the veld and woodland birds around; while birds of prey are seen and heard throughout the day.

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